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Electric transformers

With more than 15,000 transformers manufactured, we offer robust and reliable transformers, which support our clients’ investment.

Pad mounted transformer

Specific features of pad mounted transformers:


Single phase (one phase, single bushing or reduced voltage)
Single phase (two phases or full voltage)
Three-phase (three phases)




Single phase: 10 to 100 kVA
Three-phase: 15 kVA to 2,500 kVA


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Sales Policies

Any sale negotiated by RTE with its clients will be made based on the current price list, which may be reviewed by RTE whenever it deems appropriate.

The prices are LAB plant, that is, they do not include shipping or transportation costs, which will be at the customer’s risk and expense. The client is requested to specify in his purchase order the freight company and / or the person who collects the equipment, in order to offer security in the delivery of the transformer. We are not responsible for the transportation and handling of the equipment delivered to individuals or transportation companies indicated by the client.

In order to provide a better service, all orders require a written purchase order (preferably on letterhead), which must include the following minimum information:

  • Name or company name of the client
  • Address including zip code
  • Phone numbers
  • Name and signature of the applicant
  • RFC (tax register) and payment method for billing
  • Characteristics of the requested equipment:

-Number of pieces

–Capacity in kVA

–Number of phases:

  • Single phase (one phase, single bushing or reduced voltage)
  • Single phase (two phases or full voltage)
  • three phases

–Primary voltage (Medium Voltage): 13 200, 23 000, 33 000, 34 500 V, etc.

–Secondary voltage (Low Voltage) in three phases: 220/127, 440/254, 380/220, 480/277 V, etc.

–Secondary voltage (Low Voltage) in two phases: 120/240, 220/110, 240/480 V, etc.

–Connections: Delta-wye, wye-wye or Series-Series for Single-phase

–Transformer type:

  • Pole (up to 150 kVA)
  • Substation (from 225 to 2,500 kVA)
  • Gorges (Pole or Substation)
  • Pad mounted (all sizes)
  • Dry
  • Submersible

–Radial or loop operation

–Price of the transformer

  • Agreed delivery time
  • Transportation line (Only for non local customers)
  • Person who picks up or receives the equipment

Any changes or modifications must be made in writing; some changes may change the cost of the equipment.

In order to ensure our customers the reliability of our products, we have the following Warranty policy:

  • The warranty offered by RTE is 36 months from the invoice date.
  • RTE undertakes to repair or replace the transformer, provided that in the opinion of our technicians, the malfunction is the result of faults attributable to the manufacturer.
  • The Warranty will be void in the following cases, this list being illustrative and not limitiative:

–When the installation, handling and maintenance of the equipment is not correct or has been carried out by unqualified personnel.

–When the conditions of use are not appropriate for the characteristics of the equipment.

–When the failures are due to fortuitous circumstances, such as atmospheric discharges or accidents.

–When the transformer has been repaired or modified in any way without the knowledge and approval of the manufacturer.

–In the event that any of the documents presented to make the guarantee valid, including the policy or invoice, are altered.

  • To make the guarantee valid, the proof of purchase must be presented at the manufacturing plant.
  • The expenses generated by the failure of the transformer can be negotiated directly.

For more information or to start a purchase process, fill out the form or contact the phones: (33) 3636 9441 or (33) 3656 3724.


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