A competitive option

ETKO is a market competitive option, we offer pole type three phase transformers up to  150kVA,  15, 25 y 34,5kV classes, and pad mounted three phase for radial operation from 30kV to 500 kVA 15kV class.

A competitive option with the same backing and warranty.

ETKO has the same backing and warranty due to our experience of over 30 years in transformers manufacturing.

At ETKO we are very proud of our roots and seek to represent the richness of our culture thorough the quality of our products.

Because of it we developed a new line of products made up by transformers that transmit true mexican values. Compact, affordable transformers manufactured with the same quality and backed  up with the same warranties.

ETKO, Passion for energy uses the Nahuatl symbol “Nahui Olin” that represents the creative energy, the one powering everything, the same that reflectsthe function of our transformers, to distribute energy that our clients need to manufacture, live, move, create… so we become an ally whose products provide power and movement. Besides, the brand name is made up from a combination of the mayan word “Etznab” wich means “white mirror” (the light and true consciousness of itself) and the word “kopili” wich means change, transformation in Nahuatl language.

ETKO is a competitive market option, we offer pole type transformers up to 150kVA, 15kV y 25kV classes, and pad mounted three phase, radial from 30kVA to 500kVA 15kV class, ANCE certified.


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