Over 30 Years of Experience

RTE is a consolidated corporation with a clear objetive in mind: to deliver the highest quality and reliability, taking care in every manufacturing detail, presentation and functionality in each one of our transformers.

Distributing energy in Mexico

We manufacture pole type, substation, pad mounted, dry type and submersible electrical transformers from 3000 kVAs, for voltages from 13,200V to 34,500V.

RTE Transformers got started in a car garage manufacturing arc soldering machines. After sometime equipment repair was undertaken and by 1989 manufacturing of distribution electrical transformers got started.

After 30 years of formal operations  we are a consolidated corporation with a clear objetive in mind, to deliver the highest quality and reliability, taking care in every manufacturing detail and presentation in each one  of our transformers.

We have made important efforts to ensure quality, among them in 2001 we installed a testing lab to test all of the production of the equipment and was structured in a way that in 2002 it got it’s acreditation by the Entidad Mexicana de Acreditación (EMA) (Mexican Acreditation Entity). In 2017 CONUEE (National Comission for the Efficient Use of Energy) Evaluated our laboratory certifing it’s  compilance to the current NOM-002-SEDE standard.

We offer functional and robust equipment, manufactured with the best materials and backed up with  a 36  month warranty. Our equipment has the Asociación de Normalización y Certificación (ANCE) certification. In 2015 ANCE granted us with the Excellence Recognition Award, due to our commitment to conformity and in 2018 we were the first corporation to be certified by ANCE for the use of the “Made in México” label.

Our services

Distribution electrical transformers

We manufacture pole type, substation, pad mounted for radial (wye) and ring operation, with gorges, dry type and submersive electrical transformers with sizes from 3 to 3,000 kVA, for 13,200; 23,000 and 34,500 voltages.

Electrical testing laboratory

Our testing laboratory it’s certified by the Entidad Mexicana de Acreditación (EMA) (Mexican Acreditation Entity) and performs tests to electrical distribution transformers.

Electrical transformers basic workshop

It’s objetive is to provide participant with practical skills to correctly identify the adequate transformer to cover the client’s needs by so delivering a better service


November, 1989

July, 1995

August, 2002

2002 – 2007

July, 2014





Start of operations

Brand and logo registry

EMA Laboratory certification

Obtaining early ANCE certifications Currently we have certificates for 11 product families

Plant and lab expansion                                                                                               

ANCE Recognition for our Commitment to Conformity Assessment                           

Approval of our test laboratory by CONUEE

First national company certified by ANCE in the Use of the “Made in Mexico” label

ETKO brand launch


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